How did I approach for TT


Every time is different. Today is third day in a stage race. Yesterday we had long day with some side wind and mountain at the end. It took lots of energy. So today was hard to predict how your legs going to feel.

How ever our directors did plan for us and I think it was smart. Before the race we took our bikes and went to see TT road. First 5 km. Looked very technical. So we did it 2 times. Rest of it was super windy. And just straight road. I am not that good TT specialist as Cancelara or Toni Martin… but I guess today was important to do fast cornering but do not loose your rithme for a fast and windy part. Atleast that was what I and director Andreas Klier had in mind and thats how I ride.

Rode profile was mostly flat. But when you riding with all your power, than any small hill ‎looks much harder than it is.

Any way I felt relaxed and calm. I knew I need to ride my own tempo and see result after. Maybe there was places where I could be faster but that is already gone. I am happy that on my first TT of the year I could end 10th‎